Smith Little Torch #23-1001D


Smith Little Torch #23-1001D

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Smith Little Torch Kit #23-1001D

Works with any fuel gas and oxygen. Includes 11-1101C torch, #3-7 curved tips, 8’ (2.4m) hoses and instruction manual. Packaged in display box as shown (“B” hose connections fuel 9/16”-18-LH, Oxygen 9/16”-18-RH). The Little Torch™ has unmatched flexibility – it can be used with several fuels including acetylene, hydrogen, propane, propylene, or natural gas. It produces a perfectly controlled, completely stable flame hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass and even ceramics. It may also be used with special heating tips to melt up to 3 oz. of gold or silver. Excellent for soldering platinum.

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