WDW101 Gas Saver

WDW101 Gas Saver


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Smith WDW-101 Gas Saver

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Smith Gas Saver WDW101

GASAVER™ – Save Money, Save Time & Improve Safety

Ideal for production brazing and welding applications.

Smith’s GASAVERS WDW101 –For general use on all types of acetylene and oxygen operations.  

 Gasavers ™ can be installed in any convenient location on the line between regulators and torch. The closer the torch, the greater the savings in oxygen and acetylene. Gassaver™  can help you realize huge savings by eliminating wasted gas during torch start-up / shut-down and between flame applications. Also saves time by eliminating repeated torch adjustment.

The GASAVER ™  gives you a safe place to temporarily put your torch and is used by America’s largest production plants. Torch flame is automatically extinguished when torch is not in use. Simply pass torch over pilot flame to re-light.

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