#0790-0055 VTS250 Repair Kit

#0790-0055 VTS250 Repair Kit


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VTS250 Repair Kit #0790-0055

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SKU: 0790-0055


Part #0790-0055 Repair Kit for VTS250 Victor Regulator. This is an original Victor Repair Kit will rebuild both the VTS250 and the VTS 253.

The A-B-C-D-E after a Victor model number refers to the delivery pressure of the regulator.  A=15psi, B=40psi, C=80psi, D=120 psi, and E=225psi.

Unless otherwise stated in the desription of repair kit, each Victor kit will repair all delivery pressures.

Parts included in the kit are the  Diaphragm #0730-0024, Diaphragm #0730-0056, Seat Assemble(2ea) #0740-0004, Friction Washer (2ea)#1408-0033, and Nozzle Gasket (2ea) #1408-0086.

Victor Part #0790-0055

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