Harris 25-500-RK

Harris 25-500-RK


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Harris 25-500-580 Repair Kit

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Part  #H25-500-RK.  Harris 25-500 nitrogen regulator repair kit.

The 25 series has been updated over the years.  Older Harris 25 models have a seat assemble that consist of several individual parts.  The newer Harris 25 models use an encapsulated seat assemble (Cartridge).    Also, some of the older Harris 25 models have a fine thread 1/2-27 inlet connection, not a 1/4 NPT  which is standard  on all newer models.

Please verify which Harris 25 series regulator you have before purchasing inlet connection or repair kit.

Our repair kit #H25-500-RK will repair all older  Harris 25 HP regulators. These older 25  regulators can be identify by the use of 5 individual parts in the seat assemble (Part #8-12 in the drawing to the left).  Kit includes the following original Harris parts: Valve Seat #9100774, diaphragm Slip Ring #9001230, and Diaphragm #9100251.

 The Harris 25-500-580 uses a different seat than the Harris 25-500C-580.  This repair kit will not repair the 25-500C-580  regulators.
(Click image above to view repair kit parts)

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