#3000616 25GX-250C-580 Regulator

#3000616 25GX-250C-580 Regulator


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SKU: 25GX-250C


Harris Model 25GX-250C-580 Regulator #3000616

Made in the USA!

7 Year Manufacture Warranty


  • Best Value
  • 7-year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Capacity:  Medium to Heavy Duty
  • Cv:  0.17
  • Gauges:  2.5″ Steel dual scale
  • Pressure Regulation:  0.2 PSIG/100 PSIG
  • Seat:  One-piece encapsulated seat design with internal filter and a PTFE Teflon® seat
  • Certifications:  UL® listed/CGA E-4
  • Featured In:  Steelworker® Classic & V-Series® kits
  • Weight:  2.9 lbs. / 1.32 kg.
  • Gas: Argon, Helium, Nitrogen


Body:  Forged brass
Bonnet:  Chrome plated Zamac 3®
Gauges:  2 1/2″, steel case, multi-scale guages
Diaphragm:  Neoprene, fiber reinforced
Nozzle:  Brass
Seats:  PTFE Teflon
Filters:  Nickel plated sintered bronze 10 micron
Seat Return Spring: PH 17-7 Stainless Steel
Adjusting Knob:  ABS, UB resistant, composite knob
Outlet:  Brass

Part Number

Part Number Model Number Capacity Stage Gauges Gas Inlet Outlet Certifications
3000616 25GX-250-580 Medium/Heavy Duty Single 2.5″ Steel Argon
CGA 580 1/4″ 45 degree Flare SAE UL listed; CGA E-4


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Weight 96 oz