Uniweld Screw-In Twister Tip

Uniweld Screw-In Twister Tip

Uniweld Screw-In Twister Tip


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Uniweld Screw-In Twister Tip

Swirl Combustion Tips
Our popular air/fuel Twister® tips let you work with a stable, high energy-efficient flame, even in windy conditions. The Twister® helical blade technology maximizes the BTU’s and speeds up the heat transfer.

Compatible Handle: TH-3

Copper Tubing Capacity
Part # Soft Solder Silver Solder
Screw Connect AS-3 Up to 1” Up to ½”
AS-5 ¾”-1½” ¼”- ¾”
AS-8 1”-2” ½”-1”
AS-11 1¼”-3” 7/8”-1-5/8”
AS-14 2”-3½ 1”-2”
AS-32 4”-6” 1½”-4”

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Weight 16 oz
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